Dyno management for Heroku

HireFire enables you to auto-scale your dynos, schedule capacity during specific times of the week, and recover crashed processes.

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Roughly $10/month per app

💲 Save Money
By shutting down worker dynos for you when there are no jobs to be processed, you aren't wasting money on idle worker dynos.
Stay Performant
When your app experiences heavy traffic, we'll make sure it'll be able to handle it by auto-scaling your web dynos.
Faster Job Processing
By auto-scaling worker dynos up and down, you can process more jobs concurrently without increasing your worker fees.
Managed Minutely
Your application's processes are constantly monitored and will be adjusted based on your configuration and the queue size.
📅Schedule Capacity
Know your peak times of the hour of the day of the week? Prepare ahead of time using schedules.
New Relic Integration
Use New Relic's Response Time or Apdex metrics to dynamically scale your web dynos.
Worker Agnostic
Use any worker library, provided the library supports the required queries. You can even scale multiple individual queues.
Language Agnostic
Use any language or framework, HireFire can be integrated by opening a resource uri from within your app.